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Final Number vs No Shows

So our numbers right now are at 143 and we've invited additional guests. How many people did everyone invite and how many no shows would you estimate there being?

I'm thinking about do my final count minus 5
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Re: Final Number vs No Shows

  • So I just looked at my spreadsheet and saw that we had 177 that responded Yes. I'm thinking that ours is probably not the norm, but we had 34 no-shows. Yes, 34.  Granted about half of those people told us within a few days that they would not be attending, and the rest just plain ol' no-showed.  I still get pissed thinking about it and how people have no respect for other people's money.  And some of the guests were people that have planned weddings for their daughters so understand completely how important an accurate head count is.

    Fourtunately, it still looked packed and everyone had a great time and I didn't realize that so many people no-showed until I looked at the spreadsheet.

    I would say that you're safe assuming that 5-10 may not show up.  It's definitely a good idea to invite extras to fill in those slots.

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