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ATL Bridal Shops - Plus Size Selection

Hey Ladies!

I'm in Jacksonville FL but I'm seriously thinking of shopping in ATL for a dress when the time comes.  Does anyone have any suggestions of a bridal boutique in ATL that carries a decent amount of plus size dresses?  

I'll check the ATL board but was wondering if anyone had an real experiences with this.  It would be great to find an AA boutique but not sure if it exists.  I know David's carries that size but I really want to look in a non-chain store.

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Re: ATL Bridal Shops - Plus Size Selection

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    I'm in ATL, but I don't really have an answer to your question. ATL board would probably be best. If you want, I can send you my shopping list that I made up for when I shopped for my BM dresses. My list has the contact info for  the stores, so I guess you could call them and ask about their selection.
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    Don't do David's!!! I hate their plus size section. Seems they only have 5-6 different styles to choose from. Ask on the ATL. I ordered my dress from a dressmaker and I have to say she did a fabulous job. I really have to post a pic of the dress here.
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    I got my dress at Sweet Elegance Bridal. Its located in Decatur, Ga. They had some nice plus size dresses.
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    I'm in Atlanta but I'm not plus size so I didn't notice about the selection.  However, I can generally recommend Brides by Demetrios on Peachtree in Buckhead (this is where I got my dress from) - you can look at and see if you like anything and they carry his entire line and you can call and ask if they have your size - 14048462220.  Tameka is my consultant and she is fabulous.

    Another popular location is Bride Beautiful in Sandy Springs on Roswell and Abernathy.  The dresses are less expensive than Brides by Demetrios generally and they may also have plus sizes.  I didn't find any AA bridal stores but I just moved to Atlanta a couple of years ago and I've only lived in Buckhead and Atlanta so there may be other places out east, like the previous poster indicated in Decatur, Stone Mountain, etc.
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    I'm not a plus size bride but I got my dress from Sweet Elegance Bridal in Decatur and they have some plus size dresses there.  I love Sweet Elegance, it was the best bridal experience I had and I went to about 7 or 8 different places.  I recommend calling them and asking about their selection
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