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Here is a thread where you can share all your tips and helpful links. It will remain as a sticky on the top of the page so share away!   :-)

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Re: Helpful Wedding Tips and Links

  • Thank you! These tips and links have been helpful.
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    I'm long winded...Sorry!

    Welcome and thank you for visiting the AAW Board. I am sure you are excited and may be even on a roller coaster of emotions. Congratulations on your engagment. 

    There are a few tips I would like to add along with what some of the previous posters have stated. The first and foremost being is to remember to set your priorities and keep perspective of what's truly important. At the end of the day and the wedding process, the ONLY thing that matters is standing beside your husband to be and he by you. Focusing on enhancing/improving and bringing togethre a stronger bond between future wife and husband Is what is the most important. 

    Remember, a wedding party is just that....a party that is hosted by the bride and groom (and even others that have contributed monetary) that is for the guest to celebrate with you. Nothing is perfect so try not to stress over things going wrong or something is out of will all work out and be fine. Remember, once again, why we are truly here :-) If you need to vent or want to share great news, we are here for you on this board. We try to help and support as much as we can so don't be shy in posting Smile

    Thirdly, don't be pushed into what the wedding industry tells you you must have. Put you and your FI own personalized spin on it...make it unique and fun if that is who you are as a couple. Remember, It's just a party! You do what is best for you and your fiance especially on a financial don't want to go into a marriage in debt because of a one day event. After all the flowers, food, decor, and strategic placement of this and that, what you will remember long after that is those that celebrated with you and witnessed this lifetime covenant you and your fiance made. After all and at the end of the day, the REAL point of your wedding day is to end up Married and married with grace! 

    Here are some sites that helped me in my planning:
    *Style Me Pretty - very well known site...Love it
    *Wedding Window/WedLoft - website design and this is the site I used for my planning under planning tools section. It is based upon wedding date timeline not just by "6 months left, 9 months left) It's more specific. From there, I learned about there website and I LOVE their website. Check with the other ladies for websites though...this one does have a charge but very worth it in my opinion...I think wedding wire is one that is very comparable/just as good and best of all it may be Free!! This one is very user friendly and th behind the scene Dashboard is the best on wedding window.
    *Every Last Detail Blog - a #1 here too
    *Etsy - so many different ideas, but see if you can try to make some of these on your own if you have time
    *Hostess With the Mostess - My #1 site. Loved this site--ideas for all kinds of celebrations
    *Wedding Linens Direct - supplies
    *Save on Crafts - love this store! Supplies, plus ideas 
    *Afloral - inspirational boards for wedding flowers

    I hope I have been somewhat helpful. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask on the boards or just private message (PM) me. The other ladies here have a wealth of knowledge as well. Once again, congratulations!

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  • Thank you for this. I posted elsewhere on the knot and I felt personally attacked.  I think I will stick here. 
  • Mrs Cha told me to post my advice on finding a Photographer on a budget. Like many, I wanted a reasonable and experienced photographer. But their website or email responses listings were $500-$1000 more than my budget would allow for there basic package. So this is what I did: --Select a set of photographers you like. This may include a few you already contacted before. --Write an standard email like this: Your pictures are wonderful! I am getting married in Love, Indiana on 7/5/2013 from AM-PM. My budget is $$$ for photography. What are the possibilities of a package in this price range? Thank you --See what they say. I got a list of those Photographers I liked whose starting package was listed were slightly out of my price range. I listed the budget $200 under what I was willing to pay. I think I sent this to 6-7 photographers and 4 were willing to meet me there. It was helpful to learn how low some will go and have this standard price **when asked**. I got a lot of responses like, "I'm willing to shoot it for no less than $$$". So yes, **for me** this means not having e-photos, 2 photographers or a trash the dress, but I was more interested in the photographer for the day of then the "extras". We will print AFTER the wedding with VP/Shutterfly, etc, which saved money, as its not using my wedding budget money. I just needed a CD with print rights, 8+ hours, and quality. If you want any of the things I took out, I would suggest asking how much could that item be added for. BUT this would be AFTER the first inquiry email above. In summary, make a list of those you like, contact them with your budget, wait for everyone to respond with the basic price which will lead you to know who will work with you, figure out what you can keep/lost in the package...then go from there. Note: I did not contact photographers that were completely out of my price range. I did not want insult anyone about the value of their work. I hope this helps.
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    A lot of brides come on this board inquiring R&B songs lists ...

    Below is a post of songs from many AAW knotties. Thanks for the awesome lady, footballwife77, she condensed many list of the past for your pleasure:

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  • Thank you so much - I am inspired!
  • love this thread. I am not getting married til 5/9/2015 but im soaking in all the great advice lol
  • I just got engaged (YAY!!!!) and we're getting married April 18, 2015.  I'm so glad I found this thread.  Very helpful information.  We're paying for the wedding ourselves and quite frankly neither of us wants to spend a ton of money on the wedding.  However, we don't want to go to the justice of the peace either.  So, I'm planning a wedding and a "celebration" because we want our close family and friends to share the day with us.  As such, I'm being very creative about how we pull this off on a budget.  I'm a DIY person, so it will be fun creating a beautiful, unique wedding on my own terms.  I'm so looking forward to this!  

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    Feeling you on the whole pressure from the wedding industry thing. I'm definitely going to have the wedding I want and not the one I feel I should be having :)

    So far I love

    Thanks everyone for the advice

  • Before giving a venue deposit money, contact the secretary of state's office and ask for a long-form good standing and/or go to or call the tax assessor's office in the town where they're located and find out if their property taxes are up to date.   On the news this morning I watched a dude who owned a banquet hall get carted off to jail for tax evasion, but don't you know up until one week ago, he was still collecting (and has) a million dollars in wedding deposits....that now belongs to the government.

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