Rehearsal Dinner on the Eastside??

Fiance and I are trying to find a reasonably priced rehearsal dinner location in Woodinville, Kirkland, Redmond or Bellevue to fit a group of 40. 

Any suggestions?


Re: Rehearsal Dinner on the Eastside??

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    What are you thinking for "reasonably priced?" And are you thinking sit down or do you want an activity? (I ask because I was recently at the Lynnwood Wedding Expo and saw that Blue Ribbon Catering does a cooking-class style rehearsal dinner that looked WAY fun!)

    You have lots of really nice places to choose from. Joey's in Bellevue is fantastic, maybe not as intimate as you'd like though. In Kirkland you may try the Beach Cafe out in the Carillon Point area (I'd recommend visiting first and looking at their view and menu), they are fantastic and have a private upper level that may fit 40. I've had friends rave about Olive You in Kirkland, although I've never been in there so I can't really say much more. My FI and I love going to Daniels in Bellevue, although they may be a little pricy.

    HTH! Also, you may consider using Urban Spoon or Yelp to find nice restaurants in the area, just as good starting point.
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    ANy thoughts on type of food you want?
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    We really are open to anything where people can eat and then chat. 

    I'll check out the Beach Cafe to see what the offer. 

    We looked into the Woodmark but the least expensive option was going to be $4000, and we were hoping to stay closer for $1000 and not higher than $2000. 
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    OK, so in wonderful Washington this really would be $800 of actual food and drinks + 10% tax ($80) + 18% automatic gratuity ($158) every place will add.  That makes it about $20 each for food and beverages.  That narrows down your list.

    Have you considered your favorite local pub or bar?  You could likely get a ton of food and drinks there for much less than a formal restaurant.  The Irish place in downtown Kirkland has a private-ish room that would be just about right for 40 people.  Tell the places you're interested in that you have a $1000 budget and ask them if they can accomodate 40 people for that much. 
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    But why wouldn't you serve ice cream with the cake?
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    We catered our rehearsal dinner by 3 Pigs BBQ in Bellevue. It was less than $20/person for a ton of yummy food. We grabbed the food and brought it back to my mom's place for the dinner, but you could have your dinner at their restaurant if you wanted. It is a total hole-in-the-wall place, not fancy at all...basically just like most bbq places. So it would only probably appeal for someone who wanted a super casual rehearsal dinner like we did.

    Other places to consider in Bellevue (some with private rooms): Maggiano's, McCormick & Schmicks, Ruth's Chris (prob. cheaper than Daniel's), Earl's, Palomino, Rock Bottom Brewery, Taphouse, Purple Cafe & Wine Bar.

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    We were looking at renting out Heirtage Hall in Kirkland to do our RD.  Didn't work out for us, but might be an option for you.  If you did that with some simple, very casual set up and supply your own booze and have a place like Barry's Catering do a lasagna dinner (which is what we did to keep the $$ down) it could be an excellent option. 
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