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Loving Dollar Tree! PIP

So..... I was looking to get some hurricane candle holders for my centerpieces.  Even Sav-on-Crafts was more than I wanted to pay for each.  Along comes Dollar Tree!  For a mere 2 bucks, I turned a taper holder and a small curved vase into my candle holder.  I plan to put a short taper in each one with some colored marbles at the bottom to hold the candle in place!  Sit it all on a little mirror (also from Dollar Tree) and scatter some wedding bell confetti and I have a simple, yet elegant centerpiece for less than $5!!  I will post more pics when the whole mock up is completed!

Here is what I have so far (before and after.....)

Re: Loving Dollar Tree! PIP

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    mrsmathisjrmrsmathisjr member
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    Oh yes dollar tree has been a big help in my wedding as well!
    Instead of the traditional unity candle my finace and I are doing the sand vows!
    We found all three vases AND our sand from a dollar store and love them!Smile
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    desi2002desi2002 member
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    hmmm i guess i gotta check them out...looks good
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    Dollar Tree is awesome!!!! I will get the rest of my Coke Cola glasses from them!
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    sadou02sadou02 member
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    Thats exactly where I planned on getting my centerpieces from.  I hope to spend less than $10 per table.
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    M1ssJM1ssJ member
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:400Discussion:8bfb4504-bdc9-488b-8377-feb3bd275365Post:fe6f42da-32a4-489f-ae0f-72ec6c2926b1">Re: Loving Dollar Tree! PIP</a>:
    [QUOTE]Dollar Tree is awesome!!!! I will get the rest of my Coke Cola glasses from them!
    Posted by YasJas2011[/QUOTE]

    Honey I am getting mine from there as well. I hope everyone knows they have a website now! You can order several things in bulk from the website! Favors came in at about $1.50 a guest and are unique thanks to DT
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    Oh yes hun I love Dollar Tree. I have ordered from the website, and had it shipped to the local store (which gave me free shipping). I ordered 36 vases (3 different kind) and will use them for centerpieces and candy bar! The website is
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    I'm definitely going to their website!!!!
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