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    Ask the photographer if they will have some music and if not can you bring your own.  You will feel more at ease with some music playing in the back ground.  If you put on some Luther or Teddy P those sexy bedroom eyes may come more naturally.  HTH Good luck!

    Oh and I definitely agree on a glass of champagne first!
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    msapril0730msapril0730 member
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    You will love the experience! My photog played music in the background too which was good. She played a mixture of like women empowerment songs like diva and love songs, her ipod mix definitely set the mood. She also allowed me to bring someone along.

    If your FI has a hobby or fav sports team I would incorporate that into the pics. I took a pic in a redskins jersey with lacey boyshorts and that is my DH's absolute fav pic out of them all
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    wallacjewallacje member
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    The experience is great!! Music will help and a couple glasses of wine too.  Just get some nice outfits, don't forget a garter and stockings and have a great time!!

    I just booked my second B session - Holiday present to H, can't wait.  Getting a new hair do so the look will be totally different.

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    DancerppfDancerppf member
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    I say enjoy it's a once in a lifetime opportunity of being captured in your prime in a sexy photo. You should take one of the photos on a treadmill, lol!
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    I had a blast at my shoot! I didn't drink beforehand because I didn't want to look tipsy (it doesn't take much). However, I totally second the music. We listened to a mix very similar to MsApril's...diva songs, women empowerment, etc. Beyonce's "Party" from the new cd and "Diva" from the previous one set the mood and it was on from there! You'll be great!
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