Outdoor wedding in May?

We are looking at a place near Seattle that has a beautiful outdoor area for the two of us (no guests) to get married.  I would really like to get married on our Anniversary in the beginning of May.

What is the weather like then?  I know that area is known for lots of rain and I'm just so worried that it will rain all day.  Should I risk the rain (and risk having to get married inside), or should I pick a new date during a time that isn't so rainy?

Re: Outdoor wedding in May?

  • I got married on my 7th dating anniversary with my H on May 7th last year.  It rained :(

    BUT, my venue http://tazervalleyfarm.com/ had a great indoor space.  Yeah it would have been awesome to have the gorgeous outdoor ceremony I had wanted and it would have been cool to have been able to take more outdoor photos than we were able to........ but we got married in May (I have ALWAYS wanted to be a Spring Bride) AND we got to keep our anniversary, AND our friends and family had a great time at the reception.  That is more important to me than a sunny day.

    It was sunny the next day, you seriously never know what the weather will be in Spring around Seattle.  My OOT guests were able to see Seattle's beauty then.

    I love spring time in Seattle, I find that the summers can be way too humid for my liking, and wearing a big ol' wedding dress in the summer time was not for me.

    In my opinion, Seattle weather is never 100% predictable.   The "safest" months are probably August and September.  So you should always have a (indoors) Plan B with outdoor ceremonies.
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  • I wouldn't go for the outdoors.. April/May is a definitely rainy season. This has been a freak April and has actually been quite lovely until this week.. but usually... not so super. 

    Volunteer park is a LOVELY park in Seattle that has a little green house filled with great plants and flowers.. I would check out if they allow that sort of thing.. Then you would have an outdoor space with an indoor option? 

    Mgoss.. Humid?!!?!?! WHAT?!! Girrrr you bee craycray :P hahaha.. Never live in the south if you think this is humid.. I think it's incredibly dry here! 

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    FTL:  This Spring is actually pretty normal for the PNW (as a 3rd generation Washingtonian who has lived here 27+ years, I'm an expert :P  ).   Last year was the worst Spring EVER, because that BIZNATCH La Nina came through and made everything miserable....

    My ILs live in GA, and I only visit during the winter months :)  I consider dry heat/not humid to be places more inland, like Las Vegas.
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  • Smart woman to visit in the winter when it's in the 60s haha. :)

    I'm just hoping for a nice hot summer this year since we had a crappy winter! That seems to be the way it works here and I approve :o
  • Thanks for the advice.  It's just tough deciding what is more important to us: the date or our location.  There are plenty of pretty locations, but we only have one anniversary date.
  • True. Have you double checked this particular date with your family, calendar, etc? Just to double check.. 
    I totally get it.. My husband wanted to get married on our dating anniv as well. We got lucky and it was on a Sunday that was not meaningful to anyone else in the family so it was perfect.. but I know not everyone has that luck. 
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