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NWR: A weight has been lifted but...

Today I made the decision to drop my math class. I was supposed to graduate in May and the math was the most important class, but with all my other classes it was too much on me and I was starting to lose my mind. I was so stressed and at night I would have mini panic attacks all over this class. I decided to drop it today. I would perfer to keep my sanity. I was enrolled in a total of 17.5 unites with 5 of them bieng my math class.
My FI won't be too happy when he finds out, hei s pretty hard on me when it comes to finishing school.
I am trying to figure out taking it this summer, but it might be much with the wedding and all. The last day of class instruction is also 10 days after my moving date so that doesn't work out to well to take my final. Ughhh I need to figure that out so maybe get a degree in August instead of May. We will see.
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Re: NWR: A weight has been lifted but...

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    Maybe you could still take the course, but take the final early. Let your professor know your situation ahead of time. At least it will be the only class you'll take at once & won't be as stressful as taking more than 1 at a time. I totally understand how you feel. I'm taking classes & wedding planning at the same time & its not easy at all. I set my schedule up so that I wouldn't have many classes during this time. I hope you're able to get it figured out!
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    Get your degree in August! you don't want to overwhelm yourself! at least your not quitting but as soon as the wedding is ver you will be able to think more clearly.
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    3 MONTHS is worth having your sanity! Get your degree in August!
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