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Hi Girls..kinda long

Did yall miss me ??? lol I missed you girls and kinda been peeking in here and there.

I am well into my DD's 89 days to go to be exact..Whoa. Where did the time go ! I had to go M I A for awhile. I was feeling like I was loosing my focus on why I am getting married. Wedding planning was becoming too much. Causing me and FI to argue about nothing. Me snapping at people, my kids, and having a IDGAF attitude. With the BMs and GMs drama it was also effecting our relationship due to 1 GM and 1 BM having babymama/babydaddy drama and calling us with the drama. On top of all that... aruging about MONEY and paying bills together. It got so bad I canceled the wedding for like a week. But after talking to my uncle who is a pastor and doing a mini counseling session we are in a better place and the Marriage and wedding is still on. This past month was something kinda crazy. Me and FI are in a better place and I/we have our answers to Why we are getting married ?! I am still in love with him,  more now than I ever been ! So now that I took a break I fell behind and is now playing catch up. But I know God will work it out. I probably still wont be on as much as these next 89 days is filled to the brim with getting vendors paid off, diy projects completed, and other things that need to be done. March is a big month in my family as everybody's birthday is in March. Then at the beginning of April will be traveling to ATL to look at some places to move to and get some other business taken care of. My MOH schedule my bridal shower for the weekend after we come back then 2 weeks after that is the bachlorette party then its May and it do or die time. So I am about to be on one getting things done . 

I hope everybody's wedding planning has been going good !!  

Re: Hi Girls..kinda long

  • I'm sorry to hear what all has been going on but I'm happy to know that yall got everything together. Things seem to fall apart when we start to lose focus. Right now is critical for yall. We have to learn how to leave that negative BS out of our life. Like you said God worked it out for yall and I'm so happy for you and fiance. Congrats on everything! Your day will be here before you know it!!!
    Mrs. Mosley 2 be
  • Glad u are back! You are almost there!!!!
  • Yes...it is crucial and it was very trying time for me but im happy its working and we can move forward . Thanks don !
  • Whew! Glad y'all got it together...I've been popping in and out too! Just doing some inner checks lately...looking to myself
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  • Glad things r better for you. Hang in there. As am learning weddings are such highly emotionally charged events and yes one can easily lose track of why the 'event' is being planned to start with. Big ups to U for realizing and slowing things down. All the best! Yes time goes too fast after the 100 day mark.
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  • In Response to Re:Hi Girls..kinda long:[QUOTE]Whew! Glad y'all got it together...I've been popping in and out too! Just doing some inner checks lately...looking to myself Posted by MissusD1116[/QUOTE]

    I notice the board been slow..im like dang..where everybody at ? Lol
  • MrsBad13MrsBad13
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    rmasoka..im so happy things did work out. It was too much. Im so happy and nervous now..I still have lots to do and feeling like im all over the place. Im trying to stay level headed. Lol
  • Hey girl.. yeah. A lot of us have been focusing on LIFE. And not on here as much.. I am glad you two are doing better...
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  • Hey honey im glad to know that you and hubby have worked through your differences, theres nothing like arguing over nothing it is the pitts especially when you both know that thers no reason to really be arguing LOL..been there done that, ive just started to pray about certain situations and ask him for strength to continue on this jorney...Thank God everything is working out with the wedding planning and plz dont forget about us
    Love ya

    Lilypie - H1jI

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  • misstira...girl..let me tell you. I was feeling like whats is going on ?! I mean the littlest thing was turning into something big. Especially the money thing. Then when you got other people coming in adding extra stress..it was just not a good look. I just had to pray and keep faith. Ya know..in a way I still feel some kinda way not like i dont wont to get married but more so just us coming together and going to God together. But none the less we are on the right path and im happy about that. Thanks girls for all the T Ps..thats why I love u girls !!
  • The board has been a lil dead I guess we all needed a break. Glad yall worked it out Smile
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  • Yes indeed...you was doing it up while you were MIA!!!! Glad to know everything is okay. You have alot to do...take your time and do only what you can. 

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