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12 days and counting them down!

Hey ladies! Well to say the last month has been crazy is an understatement! But I've missed you guys!  So with only 2 more nights to work I FINALLY get a chance to hop on here and catch up real quick.

Things are going ok.  We've had a few hiccups with the arrival time of the bridal party but I can't worry about that anymore.  What will be will be!

Monday was my LAST final meeting with a vendor and I'm feeling much more comfortable now since the photographer and I got together.  I also managed to drop in on the florist and pay for 2 additional arragements that just got added AND dropped of the $150 deposit check for the cake stand.  Sounds like a lot but they promised they only "HOLD" the check and don't cash it.  So I guess that's cool.

Final, final tally from the venue is in and we have saved even more money.  So our new total that is a surplus is $745.39!! SUPER PSYCHED about that because I'm proud of us for paying things off and not having any after wedding debt.  It did help that our attendance numbers dropped a lot.

So I'm not saying good bye just yet.  I just wanted to drop in and say hello to you all!!  
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