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Can you please share your timelines with me? Pretty please?
whether for the whole day or just the reception is perfectly fine.

Re: Timeline

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    Got it. Thanks a million!
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    winter443winter443 member
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    Can you send it to me too brobin ,
    I love my baby, yep yep, he loves this chick! imageimageimageMy Planning Bio
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    gatineaubridegatineaubride member
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    That was my BFF wedding timeline so I might use the same for me:

    3:30 - 4:30 pm: ceremony + another 30 minutes for outside of the church group pictures

    5- 6:30 (or 7pm) : picture taking with family and bridal party. the guests will be having a cocktail

    7-9 pm: dinner (we will be having speeches and other stuff during dinner time)

    9 Pm: first dance and whole group dancing

    11PM: cake cutting

    midnight: bouquet throwing and dancing until 2pm!

    this is a tentative schedule though so far. Hope it helps

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    This was our timeline

    §          1st photographer arrives at parents house to take getting ready pictures
    §          2nd photographer arrives at Crowne Plaza to take pre-ceremony pictures of groom & groomsmen  
    §          Bride puts dress on 2:30    
    §          1st limo arrives @ parents house
    §          2nd limo arrives @ Crowne Plaza 
    §          Ceremony begins 
    §          Group photo
    §          Receiving line
    §          Guests staying at the hotel depart to Crowne Plaza to check in/have a drink & wait for shuttle 
    §          B&G take photos with family (parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents)  
    §          B&G and WP depart in 1st limo to the Imperia
    §          Parents depart in 2nd limo to the Imperia
    §          Cocktail hour begins 
    §          Guests arrive at the Imperia and are greeted in the foyer
    §          1st shuttle to the Imperia leaves Crowne Plaza
    §          B&G and WP take formal pictures at Imperia  
    §          2nd shuttle to the Imperia leaves Crowne Plaza
    §          Cocktail Hour starts & guests are escorted downstairs§          WP arrives once done with pictures 
    §          3rd shuttle to the Imperia leaves Crowne Plaza
    §          B&G arrive once done with pictures 
    §          Guests enter reception room
    §          1st course is served 
    §          Introductions < 5 minutes
    §          First dance
    §          Parent dances (father/daughter, mother/son, MOB/FOB, MOG/FOG)
    §          Toasts
    §          Blessing

    §          Fist course served   
    §          Cake cutting, Dessert served

    §          Reception ends
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    Malika, you mean dancing till 2 AM or is it really 2 PM the next day? LOL
    Thanks for sharing yours!
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    Sorry mine came out funky....
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    Thanks ! I really needed this as well.
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    gatineaubridegatineaubride member
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    OOPS!!! Thanks for the typo!!! We are african so I am sure that we can really be dancing there until 2pm if they don't kick us out of the ballroom!!! LOL
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    This question is kind of on topic... what is the order of the first dances?  My plan was to do parents' dances first (hopefully 1 song simultaneously if we can find one; otherwise mother/son then father/bride) then we were going to do our first dance.

    I thought it would be nice to start with the family then go into our dance (kind of symbolic of us leaving our parents to start our lives together) and our dance will less boring than the parent dances (foxtrot vs. typical slow dancing).. so I thought it would be a fun way to get people on the dance floor.. especially if it's immediately followed by a fun song.

    Is this right/acceptable?  I know it is considered the first dance?  But the way I look at it is that it is our first dance as a married couple.. not necessarily the first dance of the night.

    Share opinions please!
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    Hey MyPasmita!  Here is a basic timeline my DOC sent me.  I still had it saved in my email:

    4-4:30 ceremony
    4:30-5:30 cocktail hour
    5:30 reception begins; intros, first dance
    6:00 toasts, blessing, first course is served
    6:30 parents dances in between courses, entree is served
    7:30 cake cutting
    8:00 bouquet/garter, any other special dances (anniversary, money, bridal party, etc)
    then open dancing til 9:30
    9:30 reception ends

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    Thank you thank you thank you Seabass and MrsW

    Renee, I like that idea...
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