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Only FI could say this and I laugh

*ring, ring*

Me: "Hey babe, wha's up?"
FI: J"ust wanted to talk about the bills that are coming up."
Me:  "Ok"
FI: "Ok, so it's the beginning of the month and I figured we'd take care of everything by this Friday.  Don't we also need to pay the deposit for the venue?"
Me:  "Yes the deposit is due on Thursday.  Is that cool?"
FI:  "Yeah I think so.  How much do you need?"
Me: "How much did you want to give me?"
FI: "I can transfer $0,000.00. Is that ok?"
Me: "Great! That covers the house bills.  I will pay the deposit on my side."
FI: "Ok, cool! Have a  good day at school today."
Me: "Thanks babe! Bye!"

3 hours later (I'm home now working on computer):
Fi:  "Hey babe, when is our wedding date?"
Me: "September 2, 2012.  Why, you forgot already?"
FI: "Yeah, I guess so. I thought it was in December."
Me:  "December??? WHAT? Where did that come from?"
FI: "Oh, I was just thinking December is the end of the year and you know that (wedding date) will be the end of my life since you know it will be "2012".  Life as I know it will end." (fiance laughing)

And that's when I realized  he was watching a special on TV about disaster movies.  "2012" was being highlighted and he wanted to point out its the same he year we picked to get married.  For a minute I also thought about throwing somethng at him.  Then I realized he was teasing and yeah I did laugh a little. 

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Re: Only FI could say this and I laugh

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