Changing your name (as requested by sharingourlove)

So this is what I've done/will do to officially change my last name:

Step 1:
Update your FB account, it's not official until it's FB official Wink

Step 2:
Pick up notarized copies of your marriage licence (usually available around one week after your officiant mails the completed licence after the ceremony).  Here is the website that has the offices/procedures for each county in WA:  http://access.wa.gov/living/resources/marriage.aspx
3-5 copies seems to be the norm, some institutions require a copy and others only require a scanned copy.

Step 3 & 4:
You can go to either the Social Security office or the DOL, it doesn't matter what order.  I went to SS first, then the DOL.  Just be sure to bring photo ID and a copy of your marriage license!

To find your local SS office, enter your zip code on this site:  https://secure.ssa.gov/apps6z/FOLO/fo001.jsp

Here is a site with changing your last name at the DOL:  http://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/change.html#namechange ***note the $10 fee, and if your license is about to expire you might as well pay the $20 fee to renew your license.  And when you change your name at the DOL, it should automatically change your name for your voters ballot.

Step 5:
Change your name at work, I had to email our Corporate HR department a copy of our marriage license.

Step 6:
Change insurance (if applicable), my work required it be done within 30 days of the event (the wedding) and DH's required 60.  So check to see how long you have, to make sure you don't put it off too long.  DH's insurance was cheaper/better for our lifestyles, so we switched me over to his.

Step 7:
Update your W-4 form at work!  Being married can save you a few bucks on your pay check (or it did with mine at least), and with your federal taxes.

Step 8:
Change your name at your banks/checking/saving accounts and Credit Cards.  They might require a physical copy of your marriage license, BECU did for us.

Step 9:
Change your name with any utilities bills, and any accounts/subscriptions you receive mail from.

Steps 10+:
The minor details:  personal email, changing your email for all the things you login for: FB, GroupOn, LivingSocial, etc.  You could get away with not updating a lot of these, it's up to you.  I created a whole other email account with Gmail, just so it would have my current name, not my maiden name, in the address itself.  But a lot of the mailing lists I have are still connected to my old email, I might switch some over.
If you have a passport, you'll want to change your name on that (I don't have one, so I didn't include this step earlier).

And make sure you DON'T change your name if you currently have any flights or major travel plans booked under your maiden name, since I'm pretty sure that your license needs to match the name the ticket/reservations were booked under.
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Re: Changing your name (as requested by sharingourlove)

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    Thanks!  And yes, on the travel suggestion; if you have tickets your picture ID has to match names.

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    o0o0o thanks :)
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    One reminder - make sure your work's IT department doesn't completely close - but transfers your old emails to your new address!  Most IT people will know this, but of course, even though four of my coworkers got married last year, they closed my old email address, which thankfully i figured out about an hour later!
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    Thanks for this info.... it is really great!!! I have been curious of all of this!!! Again, Thanks!!!
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    The SSA says do not go to the DOL first, because they will hole punch your ID and give you a paper one. The SSA will not accept an alterered license or paper license. I was just there today and they were asking me if I'd been to the DOL yet and told me about how it was good I hadn't.
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