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Thank you notes

How much time do I have to send out thank you's before my guests start talking about me behind my back? Surprised

I want to do photo thank you cards but won't have pics for at least another 2 -3 weeks.  Is 6 weeks too long?

I also really want to do an announcement card to send to the neighbors back home and a few of my parent's friends.  Should I just let this one go?  The pics my friends have forwarded are cute, but i think the photographer's shots will be better for this project.

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Re: Thank you notes

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    Etiquette says a year,. I think 6 weeks is fine. I am actually having some friends that like photography take a few pics for this purpose alone.
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    I have always heard 6months... either way you have more than six weeks if you need it. So no worries! And I would go with the pro pics for that project.

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    I used a pro pic, so mines went out at the 3 month mark!
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