Q for those with Honeymoon Registries

The next wedding I'm attending is in a month.  The couple already has a pretty established household and they have two registries:  small one at Macy's and a Honeymoon registry. 

I would have NEVER given a check/cash as a gift before I was married (thought it was weird/tacky/untraditional), but after being an OMH the check/cash gifts we received were SO AWESOME and really helped with honeymoon/post wedding expenses.... so I'm 100% okay giving check/cash now.

My question to those who have/had a Honeymoon registry:

Would you rather receive:
1)   Cash
2)   Check
3)   Money put into the Honeymoon Registry website

What would help you more?  From what I understand, most Honeymoon Registries take a certain percentage of whatever money guests contribute.  So I kinda would rather give cash or a check as a gift.
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Re: Q for those with Honeymoon Registries

  • zoiesmurfzoiesmurf member
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    I don't have a honeymoon registry, but I think I would rather have the cash, because I've heard the fees can be pretty high for the honeymoon registry sites, and at the end they just send the couple a check anyway. Seems pointless... : /
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    I have a honeymoon registry.

    I like getting gifts in the registry just because it informs me as soon as a gift is purchased, so I know what to expect as far as how much money is beging contributed to the registry for our honeymoon. We haven't got many gifts yet, and I think it may be because people are deciding to just do cash/check instead, which is totally fine, but then it leaves me wondering how much will be contributed and then we have to plan out more money for ourselves to come up with ahead of time. Does that make sense? ........Our honeymoon is paid for as far as flights and accomodations but we haven't really set aside money yet for our "excursions, etc".....So knowing ahead of time how much our guests are contributing for those things is nice, so we know how much we need to gather ourselves.

    Our registry does not charge us....however it does charge our guests 7%.....The way I have rationalized that is it is less than sales tax....and they can use credit cards, etc to pay instead of just cash/check. But some registries don't charge anything.
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  • valigrl21valigrl21 member
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    I would just give a check with a note saying it's for the honeymoon. You don't want a % of that going to someone else.
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