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Hi ladies!

I'm looking to book a nail salon appt the day before my wedding.  I'm looking for a place that offers the new gel nailpolish.  Any recommendations for a downtown location?


Re: Nail salon recs

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    Shellac is awesome!!  Highly recommend it.
    I would recommend Gene Juarez.  You can go to www.cnd.com and find other salons that offer it in the area.
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    I like Julep ... http://www.julep.com/ - they have the shellac, too!
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    Thanks so much!
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    Wherever you go I highly recommend shellac as well.
    Since that has come out, places realize they get more money from it, so they BIG TIME slack on the quality of the regular nail polish, knowing that you will be disappointed and get the shellac later. I got a regular mani from the best place around here and it was chipping the next day. Sorely disappointed in the quality of all nail salons now that this stuff is out, but it's worth it since it lasts through house cleaning and weeks. lol
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    I bought a LS deal a few weeks back for shellac mani/pedis at Double N's Salon in Belltown.  I haven't taken my bm's there yet, but my guess is they will be experienced with it due to the LS deal!
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