hello seattle!

we got married!  hooray!  :)

sodo park was AMAZING.  their staff was fantastic, food was incredible, and what an amazing venue.  LOVED IT!

i can't really recommend any other vendors because we did everything ourselves with help from very talented friends and family.  wouldn't have it any other way- it was personal and lovely!

one recommendation:  our ring designer!  jamie from laughing raven designs in bellingham.  she helped us design our rings- mine has my husband's fingerprint engraved on it, and vice versa.  we adore them.  they are on jamie's website here:


here's a pic i took of them as well:

if you want something a bit untraditional, jamie comes highly recommended.  people can't stop talking about the rings.

here's some pics, for your amusement.  ;) 

i hope everyone's planning is going great!  getting married is fun, you guys!  hee hee

married :: april 22, 2010 :: sodo park, seattle Photobucket http://www.etsy.com/shop/craftyclementines

Re: hello seattle!

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    YAY! I love that place! Great place to have a wedding! Your pics are beautiful!
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    Yay! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Now you get to be a hag! w00t! More pics, more pics!
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    Weird, my boss' daughter just got married there too!  For a second I was like, "wait, what?  is she her???"  But she got married there on the 17th.  I love that venue so much, congrats!
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    fun!!! congrats!
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    Congrats.  Your pics look so fun and I love the colors.  Can't wait to see more pics!
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    Congrats!  I LOVE your pics!  Can we see more?

    I'm impressed that you were able to get so many people to color coordinate.  ;)
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    Hooray!  Congrats!  Love the contrast of the orange attire against the blue wall!  More pics please!! :)
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    yes more pics please :) and congrats!
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