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Baby Update... Part 1

I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to post!!! I was in court from 9am until after 3pm, then went to work. So, here's a brief (kinna) recap of what all went down. {Forgive me because I will be typing as if you all know your way around Houston and surrounding cities. lol}

1. Babe hadn't heard from his step sister until THIS MORNING! So, I had to wake up earlier than my alarm {which pissed me off} so that we could go get her from Baytown. I live in Spring! So, we went to get her and went downtown to the court. We got there after 9, the time they tell you to be there.

2. We sat in the court room until 12:15pm. There was one case in there that took over an hour, so when they were done, the judge went to take his "hour" lunch. So we went to go eat.

3. The bailiff gave Meagan {step sister} the papers concerning the case. The social worker had lied about EVERYTHING!!! And when I say EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING!!! And I can NOT stand liars! {Needless to say, when we finally did see her, we were looking her upside her head!!!} She said that she tried multiple times to call Babe and left him messages {lie, cause his mailbox is always full}. Said she tried to visit Meagan. {lie.} On and on, everything was a dang lie!

4. We get back from lunch. Court was supposed to resume at 1:15pm. They started at about 1:40pm. Then they told us that we would be in the courtroom across the hall. We didn't go before the judge until after 3pm!!! {That's a long story all in itself!}

5. We finally get before the judge. The social worker started trying to tell her lies and Babe shut her up REAL QUICK! {He was already irritated!} The judge asked if he was sure he wanted to have the baby... blah blah. We agreed to a home visit {I guess that's what you call it when the social worker comes to see your house.} And we both agreed to drug tests {which we did today} and background checks.

6. They are trying to set the next court date for June 17, which is FOREVER away! But the judge says she wants to do something before that. So we don't know when it will be. There will be a new social worker which is great cause we didn't like lying Tabitha!

At this point, we really don't know what's going to happen. We're just hoping for the best. I'm glad that we'll have a lil time to get ready for him, if we get him. We are moving in together tomorrow. {Another secret, ooops. lol.} So, we will have time to make it a home for us so when the social worker comes out it DOES look like we're ready to take on the task.

Still sad cause we can't buy baby stuff cause it's all up in the air, but it will come together. Thanks for all of your support, prays, and concerns!!! {Now I gotta try to catch up on what I missed today!!!}

Re: Baby Update... Part 1

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    Wow...definitely a full day!

    You are doing a good thing and I really think its all in God's hands now. Stay strong. You and FI are taking all the right steps and it is really good that you both are working together.

    I pray it all works out. Looking forward to reading some good news from you soon!

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    Wow, I've been waiting all day for this news! I was about to burst. I will keep praying for you guys. I know the home visit will go well. Everything will work out!!!!
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    It is already done! I think the world of y'all for going to bat so that this little one can have the life he and every other child deserves. Thanks for the update and do keep us posted. Good luck with the new living arrangements!

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    a full day indeed. But baby steps and good and sure steps. Things are moving and we will keep you in our prayers. June will be here before you know it.
    I hear you on not being able to buy stuff yet. Maybe you can buy one or two to satisfy that need you have and give it as a gift to the baby?
    Hang in there!

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    WOW....I know it will all come together according to GOD's plan.  You guys are already doing a tremendous thing by working your butt off trying to save this baby life.  I am glad old Tabitha is off the case, because she got some issues and it's people like that who keep our black children in foster care and they're never placed in a happy loving home.  God has away of doing thing.  Period.  You guys hang in there!!!Smile
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    I told you 5 minutes court time equals 2 hours real time. LMAO!! ANYWAY you know I think you and babe(LOL) doing a wonderful thing.  Hey if you want to buy baby stuff now. Kadyn wears a 2t-3t. LOL.
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    Thanks again, ladies!!!

    @Eagles I'm nervous about these living arrangements! lol. Ugh. He's gonna want me to cook...Undecided

    @Reka You should have messaged me! I was talking to Krys giving her play by play while I was there... after lunch.

    @Pasmita I know! I saw the cutest Polo shirt!!! lol. I don't know what size he'll be so I can't really buy clothes. BOO!!!

    @PB I can't stand Tabitha! And she IS BLACK! You'd think she'd be on our side! UGH!!!

    @Krys Girl, if I still worked at Carter's, she'd be a definite Carter's kid! Oww, I need to see if they're hiring. I liked that job!
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    Girl I should have messaged you, but I fell asleep this afternoon. Peanut is kicking my butt and I take frequent naps.
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    @Tyboyd....That's why people like her who don't care about the outcome of these children should have these positions.  SAD...JUST SAD!!! Then to know she's a lier....Burns me up, so I can only imagine how you and your FI felt!!!

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    Shame on the social worker for trying to keep you guys away! Glad things are starting to work in your favor.

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    Tyboyd, I'm glad to hear that you all stuck it out in court today and that you received a blessing for your diligence!  (the social worker being removed)

    I hope they can move that June court date up - but it will all happens as it's supposed to.  Try to be patient so you don't stress out about it.

    WOW, so you and FI moving in together tomorrow?  Good luck girl - let us know how it goes!!!  
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    I'm late! But Wow!! I know everything will work out and baby will be home with his new parents soon!! Prayers still going up for you all.
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    I'm extra late... but it's all gonna come together... We're gonna pray and speak life in this situation.... God has already blocked one hinderance.. (Tabitha) He's gonna block them all!!!!  It's gonna be fine!!!!  IT'S ALREADY DONE!!!!  What would be really great... is if your girlfriends... threw you a Family Shower!!!!  Now that's an idea!!!!
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    @PBand Mahoganie: Girl, I was ready to slap her!!!

    @Cincy: I KNOW!!! I can't wait that long! And yeah, just signed my lease a lil while ago!!!!

    @Miabride: Thanks! And I'm so anxious!!!

    @Magnum: I don't even like seeing the name Tabitha! lol. I'm bitter! But I like the sounds of this family shower!!!
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    I'm sure everything will work out. You will be blessed.
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