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Cake stands?

Anyone know where I can find a nice but inexpensive cake stand?
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Re: Cake stands?

  • have you thought about diy ? or Renting one ?
  • Hobby lobby and use the 40% off coupon
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    [QUOTE]have you thought about diy ? or Renting one ?
    Posted by MrsBad13[/QUOTE]

    Probably no to the DIY, but I'll look into renting one. Thanks!
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    [QUOTE]Hobby lobby and use the 40% off coupon
    Posted by MrsHoward2Be[/QUOTE]

    Thanks! I'll check them out this week
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  • first check with the baker. to see if they have one you like. I had to rent one from a rental place because i wanted gold and the baker only had silver..

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  • I have a 20-inch silver cake stand that I purchased for a little over $100.  Message me if you are interested in purchasing.
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    Ditto renting from the baker
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  • If you aren't able to rent one, I second Hobby Lobby.  I saw a couple of nice ones when I was last there.
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