I'm back and MARRIED!!! PIP!!!!

Hey girls!!! It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Between the bachelorette party the Saturday night before the wedding, which was so crazy in itself, that I dont think any bachelorette party could ever top it, to our crazy week before the wedding full of parties with family, to the rehearsal & dinner, then the WEDDING, then the day after stuff, and finally, our honeymoon.... its just been nuts!!!!!

Our day was AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL. I know everyone says that, but I was sooooo not stressed out in the least bit, everything came together even better than I imagined it, and it was just amazing. Its crazy that we're married. I just cant believe it. AFter

So, without further adieu, some teasers from our photog:

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Re: I'm back and MARRIED!!! PIP!!!!

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