Argosy Dinner Cruise Ceremony and Reception

Hi guys i'm new to this site. I will be getting married 8-18-12 in Seattle we only have less than 30 people attending and our ceremony and reception will be aboard Argosy Cruises in Seattle :D YAY I'm so excited. DH is just as excited about our wedding and being married and it just makes me that much more excited.  It is a little harder for me to do the planning cause I am in Northern California. DH lives in Tacoma right now and within the next 1 - 1 1/2 months we'll be living in either Puyallup or Tacoma due to which job he gets he just finished school.  We have known each other for 11 years but have been "together" for a short time. We reconnected and quickly decided that we wanted the same things and then he proposed. He will be flying to Sacramento next month and staying for 2 weeks that's when he's formally proposing and then we'll announce it to family :) We decided 2 months from then I'll go to Wash for 2-3 weeks and stay and then 2 months later i'll do the same thing.  That way I can finish wedding planning. I can meet with the floral arranger, we can choose a cake together, check out the cruise line and anything extra that needs to be done like get our marriage license.  Anyhow sorry for the long rant I was just curious if anyone had any ideas on wedding invitations most of the guests will be from California and i'm wondering how soon I should send out their invitations. we don't want to do save the dates and invitations.  Also any other tips would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone gotten their cakes from Morfey's? 

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    Congrats on your engagement and Welcome!  Your post was a little hard to read since the paragraph was so long, but I think you ultimately wanted to know what to do with invites:

    Regarding when to send invites:  I sent out Save the Dates (STDs) around 5-6 months before the wedding, because we had a TON of Out Of Town (OOT) family and friends (a little over 50% of our entire guest list).  This was so they could start figuring out travel arrangements.  Our guests included a few people who lived in Great Britain  and Mexico, and lots of people from the East Coast.

    I sent out the invites 3 months before the wedding, because I just could not wait one moment longer.  I think 6 to 8 weeks prior to the wedding is typical.  And setting the RSVP "deadline" a week before your caterers need your guestcount, because there will be people who miss the RSVP deadline and it might take a few days to reach them. 

    In my opinion, while you might not want to do STDs, it REALLY helps with OOT guests planning to attend your wedding.  It will help them figure out flights and save money by buying months in advance.  A lot of people send out STD postcards ($0.28 per stamp), so that's one way to save money.
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