Miracle Products!

I am always hunting for a product that actually delivers on what it says it will do! I found some and I wanted to share!
Chapstick-cocoa butter chapstick. you can get it at CVS. it is a life saver!
Cuticles-burt's bees lemon butter. i put it on after every time i wash my hands and it has rescued my horrid cuticles!
Nails-OPI nail envy. Finally something to protect my fast growing but quickly breaking nails!
Also a nod to bare minerals. Great coverage!
What are your miracle products?
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Re: Miracle Products!

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    edited December 2011
    extase mascara by dior.... AMAZING!! and at the moment... Im shamefully using the shake wieght and my arms feel tighter and its been a week! It's definitely the longest 6 minutes of my day though
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