S/O ties...

So I just went to the website that has our dresses.. they have ties for 20 bucks in the same color as the dresses.. do you think that is a cheesy present for the gms.. should we get them?? or just let them wear black? We've already purchased personalized cufflinks..

here is the tie we just bough FI over the internet..

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Re: S/O ties...

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    I like the idea of getting them the ties. I gave my BMs pins to go on their dresses and they liked them (one less thing they needed to find/buy/take care of ). It wil lbe nice in addition to the cufflinks.
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    yeah, i think it would would be good to get them, it will be nice to have that pop of  color esp since FI will be wearing such a colorful tie. 
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    I bought all the men in the wedding ties. GM, fathers & RB's.
    We had them custom made from a shop on Etsy called TieOneOn. They are that same bright green you have shown in the top left picture. I call it Citrus Green. :) I also got them all personalized cuff links. I am also going to get them all black socks (kind of a joke). And FI wants to buy them all Van's hats (cause they are all wearing Van's shoes).

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    We're getting the GMs ties to match the BM dresses.  I think it's fine.
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