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Bridesmaids' aisle accesory... need opinions please!

So now that my BM's have their dresses in hand, I was looking at what they should be holding in their hands. The dresses are already busy enough (pic below) so I knew I didn't need a bouquet to add to it, YAY for the budget!

But, I was thinking of having them walk down with a parasol instead. The wedding's in Jamaica so I figured this would be a great alternative. But my FMIL suggested I could have them walk down holding a single calla lily (either purple or white).

Now I'm not opposed to either idea but I just needed opinions to see if the flower would just be pushing it or if you had any other ideas? They will also be wearing a flower in their hair so I figured the floral accesory would be covered.

Re: Bridesmaids' aisle accesory... need opinions please!

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