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Hi ladies I haven't really posted anythng on this board before, since reading your post and answers and it seems like you know what you're talking about...I need help this time!! Ok so earlier today I called to ask my venue about a few things and one was to confirm that it was ok to have candles only if they were in a candle holders (like votive candle holders with tea lights) and she told me no that I can't have any candles there only battery operated I hung up in shock and while crying my eyes out (since I had my heart set on a romantic candle lite reception and have already spent maybe 100 on my candle centerpieces (i kno its not alot for some people, but we are on a budget)) I went to find my contract and to see if in fact it said no candles. It says "No open flames permitted" in my mind I would think that meant no candles without it being in something like a holder....what do u ladies think? I have nothing against the battery operated ones, but to me it looks tacky and fake and I can't find any battery operated centerpices online that look good....I need help....Thanks ladies

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    Open flame means - for a lot of places just that no   actual flames. I would go and bring in the contract and ask. If you can't use the candles I would use battery operated around the perimiters. Whats the rest of your theme so we can help with centerpiece ideas?
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    You need to take contract like the PP said and get clarification.  If you can only use battery operated candles, don't fret.  Done right you can still achieve that romantic feeling.  For instance:

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    What about the LCD (or LED) lights?
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    Get clarification from the venue manager.  If it still has to be battery operated, there are ways to do it, and for it to look nice.
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    I agree with pp. You can also do the LED lights submerged in water beads to give a nice glow. This is what we are using we searched the internet for pictures we liked and tried it out to make sure that we liked the look. We are using blue and clear beads and lights and LED's. Here are some pictures in different colors

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    Find out if you can get a permit from the fire department for candles. Some venues in my hometown require a permit for candles, but at least it is something to consider.  
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    Thanks ladies for the help....I am gonna calmly go to my venue tomorrow and talk to her about the situation. Thanks for the ideas too!
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