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It's GAME TIME (signing off)

Well it's been fun! I got 3-4 days left and a couple things to finish up. I kind of wish I could just be a bride FOREVERRRRR and STAY on the board plannnig for another couple years. I wish I could meet each and everyone of you. I am soooooo blessed and highly favored to have been surrounded by such wonderul, kind hearted, loving women to share my journey with. I've met the most amazing women on this board and have created friendships that I pray will last a lifetime. So much to be thankful for- If I hadn't of come here - for real- my wedding would look like straight crap. So for that, I thank you guys for giving me honest input and the creativity that you pour out. When I needed to vent- All of you were my rock and a listening ear- Thank You. When I needed a place to talk about all wedding all the time you guys never failed me. Thank you. When I needed a smile, a laugh, or somewhere to just be "Stoopid cole" - Ya'll were here, never judging (and if you did- you kept it classy and kept it to yourself), and let me be me - For that I am most thankful and LOVE you. You're absolutely beautiful inside and out.

With that (and because my nails are too long and it took me 1/2 hr to type that) i'm signing out a ms.

From my family to yours ... Wishing you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a lifetime of love and happiness.

..................But like a bad rash- I'LL BE BACK (in my Arnold Schwartzeneger voice)!
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Re: It's GAME TIME (signing off)

  • Aww congrats :-) Relax and enjoy your big day
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  • Im so excited for you.. Cannot wait to read the RCAP.. I have enjoyed going throughthis process with you. I know everything will workou just fine.. You will come back a Mrs..
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  • Woohoo!  Congrats and wishing you a fantastic wedding celebration!    

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  • prayers and blessings to you. Have fun and enjoy your day. Can't wait to hear the recap.
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  • I definitely am going to miss you on here... you are the reason I first signed onto to aaw.. I know that you are going to have amazing weddings.... sooo special you're doing it twice... I sooo Love that.... Can't wait for the pics and the recap!!!
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  • I know im late on this post but im super happy for you and cant wait to read you recap...CONGRATS and enjoy your fabulous day because you deserve it...

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  • going to miss you and your silly self. Lol. Im so happy you are one of the big sissys who I made a connection with here on the AAW board ! So happy that your day is finally here. I cant wait for the recap and pics. I hope your day is blessed and amazing.
  • Thank you for being part of this part. You truly kept things interesting:-)

    I know your day will be fun if nothing else, cause you keep it breezy.

    Have a blessed day hun. 

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    Aww, Tasha is signing off. Crazy. Thank you for everything. You are so funny and helped me alot. I pray your day is great, i know it will be! Cant wait or the recap, love!
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  • Awww Tash.! I'm gonna miss youuuu. Good luck lady. See you on the other side.!
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    Tash, May God bless you and FI on your special day. I pray that The Lord gives you and family traveling grace and that your day is all you dreamed it would be. You have been an inspiration to us all to just not "sweat the small stuff." You have made my side hurt laughing at you and I am glad to call you my buddy. I am going to quit now cause this heat vent is blowing right on me and its making my eye water (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) Again, many high blessings, Sam
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  • Awww Tash.. I'm so happy for you.. I pray that your day is everything you wished and dreamed it would be. I am sooo looking forward to your recap and pics but i'm not rushing you down the aisle.. I am so excited for you and I will miss you on the board, but you don't really have to leave...:-)..
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  • Congrats! I pray that your day is beautiful and everything that you hoped for :-)
  • TAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I must honestly say that I am blessed to have met you as well! Our pbone conversations BE FUNNY AS HELL! Tell Jaysen "They really do exist!" Congrats girl you are on the COUNTDOWN! AwesomeSauce!! I can't wait to see pics and hear the recap! Cole we had no choice but to let you be you! Well if you could picture my face right now it would be something like the baby pic above....I know you will be back like a bad rash! 

    Much love and happiness for you!
  • TASH!!!! In my Mustafa voice IT IS TIME!!!! Good luck my friend. Can't wait to talk to you on the other side......
  • Tash! It's your time!!! The last wedding of the year for our board. I must say I am too elated for you and Jaysen. You have been heaven sent! You are truly a great friend! I had so much fun planning with you and emailing and talking on the phone!!! lol! You truly made this board fun and exciting with all your stories, vents, and with just simply your presence. You, my dear, are an amazing woman!!! I pray for abundant blessings for you and your family!!! Let me know how your DIY photo booth comes out!!!! I know you will be a beautiful bride! Once again congrats!!!! Cha
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  • I came back just to wish you the best day ever! I know your hard work will payoff . Can't wait for pics n a recap
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  • No go and have you beautiful wedding but don't sign off...yall have been better friends than some of my real ones....and you were one of the first to welcome be hate to see you go...uh oh, I'm feeling spoiled by yall lol
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