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New here

Hey ladies,
I've been a lurker for a few months now. I think I may have posted maybe once.
Since my wedding is comin gup in the next 11 months, I am looking forward to getting tips and advise form some pro's. lol
I am a South LA bride myself. I saw a few people from my hometown. (Hey Cha!)
Look forward to meeting all of you lovely ladies.
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Re: New here

  • Welcome to the AAW Board..
    These ladies are sooo awesome and filled with tons of knowledge, this is the best board TK has...theres no stupid question and you should never feel left out we are all like a sisterhood here and we all are going thru wedding planning and the ones already married are such a great help so again Welcome

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    Welcome... and there are a few lovely ladies from down there..
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  • Hi Ke (((hometown waving)))  Welcome to the BEST board on TK for all things wedding (and life) related!!!!! Congratulations on your engagement!!!  

    Tell us more about your planning thus far....have yall chosen a venue? If so where? How many attendants? etc, etc. If you have any questions, we are here to help!

    Happy planning!

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  • Tell us more about your planning thus far....have yall chosen a venue? If so where? How many attendants?

    -At this point we are leaning towards Reflections in BR. We have an appointent tomorrow to look at it. I've been in a reception there but he has never been there. He's from  Mandeville, about an hour away.
    -As far as attendents, I will have 6 BM and 6 GM. 1 flower girl. No junior bride, groom, attendents. I want it to be on the smaller side.
    -Looking at about 150 people hopefully.
    -On the way to getting the honeymoon planned. Once we confirm the date with the venue, I will book our cruise. Going to Puerto Rico, can't wait. (Cha, didn't you go on this cruise? How was it?)
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  • Welcome to the board! Reflections has GREAT FOOD (well the last time I was there in 06 the food was BOMB!)  Happy Planning! Can't wait to hear more about your day!
  • Somebody said "great food"?!?!?!?! I think thats your place Ke!!!! LOL! Good luck with your appointment tomorrow!!!!  You have a great party size!  Have you started getting the girls dresses and your dress together yet?

    Yea we went on a cruise that left out of San Juan, PR that sailed to St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, & St. Martin/St. Maarten.  We LOVED every minute of it and had the most fun in St. Lucia! I booked all of our excursions NOT through the cruise ship...we saved a ton of money and were able to do a whole lot more.  While it is costly, consider booking an Ocean Suite and if you can't do that definitely do the balcony. We truly enjoyed our Suite on the cruise. I have pics if you want to see how spacious it is as compared to the other ones. I personally feel that besides marrying the one God has chosen for you, the honeymoon is hand's down the most compared to, ya know, for example, making sure you have favors galore for every one IMO LOL! 

    Any questions, just hit me up!

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  • Welcome to the board.  :)

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    It can make you weak and strong simultaneously.  

  • Hey! I'm in Baton Rouge as well. Happy Planning and Congratulations!
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  • Welcome to the board!
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  • Yes Hunty! You HAVE been lurking! LOL! In order to remember Cha's cruise! Welcome and good that you came out of lurk mode! Happy planning!
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  • lmao @ Missus.... Welcome to the board hun... Good luck with your planning...
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  • Cha, I would love to see the photos because I plan on doing my deposits in the next few weeks so the prices don't go up. I'm leaning toward the balcony but I did look at the oceanview suite.
    LOL at Missus. I told, I been here for a while, I was lurking while I waited for my ring. lol
    @ Casey, we looked at it today, my Fiance loves it and we booked it today. They had the best prices and the food is really good there.
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    okay, I'm sending you a private message. Congratulations on finding your perfect venue!!!

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  • Not used to TK yet. How do I get and send PM's?

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