Pro Pics!!!

Got these over the weekend and kept forgetting to post them.....

Here is the complete collection of all pics......


If you don't want to look through 1000 pictures, click on the album called Fab 50, and you'll see like a summation of the day.

Orrr, here is the facebook album with some of the photog's fav pics of the day.


BTW, I love them. We got some amazing photos. Laughing
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Re: Pro Pics!!!

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    Your photos are amazing!  You were really able to get across the beach theme perfectly.  I love all the details, and your invites looked fantastic.  And the venue looked BEAUTIFUL!
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    WOW. So beautiful. Agree with mgoss the beach theme was just lovely. Those pics are just gorgeous! and you looked SO PRETTY!

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  • zoiesmurfzoiesmurf member
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    Your pics are gorgeous! Congrats! You had a beautiful wedding.
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    Awww - you look beautiful!  Congrats!!
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