XP- Ceremony Site need decoration help!

So this is our ceremony site. We are getting married under the light fixture. There is a big courtyard and we have about 140 on the guest list. I have no idea how to decorate it. Any help? We are going kind of rustic/country. With mason jars, lavender, and wildflowers. TIA!

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Re: XP- Ceremony Site need decoration help!

  • I wouldn't do too much, because it's a gorgeous venue and you don't want to take away too much from it.
    I would maybe do the mason jars and candles (depending on the time of day) lining the aisle? Or tulle and flowers? I think the venue is gorgeous and definitely won't need much added to it.
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  • I agree with TiffanyT816, you don't need to do much since the space is so great the way it is imo.  I also think 140 guests will really fill up the ceremony site, and decorations aren't 100% necessary.
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  • Thanks! 1 less thing to worry about.

    Something like this for the aisle?

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  • YES! That is adorable for the aisle! Or you could place them on the ground down the aisle if you are worried about them getting knocked off by an elbow (broken glass during cermony=not good) 
    I agree that for the ceremony, simple is best. That place is incredible. It doesn't need much at all! That brick is just incredible :) aaaahh hurry up and get married so I can oggle your picturessssss 
  • Stop saying that! Time is flying by already :P I will give you picture overload FTL. I promise
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  • I love those pictures for the aisle!! So cute and simple!
    I'm getting married outside at the Pan Pacific and I was just talking about ceremony decorations. I'm keeping it pretty plain as well, if anything just tule to line the aisle so people don't walk down it, but that will be it. Outside venues have so much included naturally, might as well take advantage of it ;)
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