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Checking In aka Hiding from the Nest

Hey ladies!!!!
  coming back to see who is also now a MRS!  Tyswife how many days are left for you??? those women over there are wild! come on and give me some juicy stories...
oh if any bride-to-be needs it, i got a drawer full of socks to stuff oranges and grapefruits into just incase someone is acting a fool....

Re: Checking In aka Hiding from the Nest

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    tyboydtyboyd member
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    Hey gal! So, you only check on us when they treat you bad over there?! lol.

    I's married already, but my renewal is in 5 days! I'm dying over here!
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    Not a big fan of the nest....
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    Oh no I lurk over here and there. I made two post over in the Nest and they are flippin crasy! I like the drama in the Bump (no i am not,,, just nosey)r. 
    Lisa I heard about your MIL.. sooo sorry honey. She will pull thru.
    Tyboyd I did not forget that you "ran off" and now just cool as a cucumber..
    What is our famous Mod up to lately?
    I need baby
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