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WTFudge September is coming to FAST!!!

Omg, I didn't think I as going to get like this. I had everything all planned out. For crying out loud I'm a wedding planner. But this is some crack a nackle bull. I have so much DIY to do its not funny. FI is acting like time inst of the present. He hasn't done anything with his groomsmen he inst fitted for a TUX. Our 1st meeting is this weekend and he has no info. I sent an email out to them 2 weeks ago and no one respond back, but my brother and his best man. NO why they haven't respond to the text, their phones are off. WTF!!  I need a new FI fast! Im considering trading him in  lol j/j   I want January back.
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Re: WTFudge September is coming to FAST!!!

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