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Are you ladies blocking hotel rooms for your guests?  If so, how many rooms are you blocking for your guests?  If you do not plan on blocking hotel rooms for your guests, why not?  TIA.

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    I have 10 rooms blocked at the Crowne Plaza. I also have their 2 story bridal suite booked for the night of the wedding. We will be hosting a brunch the next morning in the suite for family.

    We got a discounted rate on rooms & the suite.

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    We blocked rooms for our guest. The minimum was ten rooms. So we blocked 15 rooms, just to start. Fi has a couple of oot family members coming in. Plus our bp decided that since the wedding is about a 45min ride away from the city and since we are having a five hour open bar, they dont want to drive back that night. I totally agree with them on that.
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    I did 10 rooms in 2 hotels each so 20 rooms total. Half of our guestlist is from out of the country. Only our friends will stay there. Family will be scattered between my house and some of my friends houses, sine they will be here for about 2 weeks (no money for 14 days in hotel after paying $800 to $2K for plane ticket each)
    I also am trying to work with an extended stay by my house (30 mins from venue) for some family members who have means and want their own space.
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    We have 20 rooms blocked for our guest.  All of my FI family are from OOT and the majority our BP is coming from out of town.  Plus we have our bridal suite booked already.

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    We booked rooms at the hotel where we have our reception.  They get discounted rates due to the reception.  10 is the mininum and they have till about 3 weeks before the wedding to reserve them.  Mosts of my guests will be coming from out of town, and many of the locals said they'd like to stay anyway after such a long and exciting day!
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    Yes we are going to book about 20 rooms in ATL. Our wedding is a destination wedding and mostly everyone will be travelling.
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    We booked 2 different hotels with two different price points. The hotels are right down the street from each other, but we knew everyone wouldn't be able to afford the more expensive one.  There's only a price difference of about $20, but that can mean a lot when you're traveling with kids, etc.
    We booked 12 rooms at each location.
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    Thanks ladies.  This helps a lot.  We are having a lot of out of town guests, so I wasn't sure how many rooms to block for them.  My FI said that our guests should be accountable for their own rooms, and I agree somewhat, but I do think that as a courtesy, we should block some rooms for them.  Thanks again.
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    About 50% of our guest list is oot, so I did a block of about 30 rooms. Mainly because more than half of our bridal party will be from oot, including all of my fi family. So I did one hotel block @ Double Tree for 30 rooms, and then I just added info on suites @ the Hotel where our ceremony will take place.
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    @MIABRIDE, I think we will block about 30 rooms as well.  Half of our guest are from out of town as well.  I think I will also add info on the website about nearby hotels.  Thanks again for all of your advice ladies!
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    We did 10 rooms at a discounted rate. They also honored the rate when we went over the 10 rooms.
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