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"..IZ Married Now "

Good Morning Sisters!

I tied TK Friday (3/15) @ 6:30 PM! Everything went exactly according to plan. FI kept my son the night before so I could enjoy one last night of solitude. LOL. I took a nice long bath and drank a cup of tea. I did not sleep at all, but the thought was nice.

Friday - I had a 9:00 AM appointment for my eyelashes. I fell asleep as she was applying the extensions. So relaxing. My hair appointment as 1:00 PM. My stylist could not recreate my hairstyle like we had practiced, but I didn't allow it to bum me out. When I got to the hotel, I took out my flat irons, and curlers, and my MUA and I went to work. It turned out nice. I picked up my wedding dress Friday at 2:30 (cutting it close!) but my seamstress did a fantastic job! (see Pic)

The wedding was nice and dinner as fabulous. We had filet mignon, lobster, garlic mashed potatoes, and asparagus. We had several passed hor'dourves. (Crab cakes, lamb chops, vegetable shooters, sushi, curry chicken). Salad and assorted bread was served. My wedding cake was stunning and it was served for dessert. We had sherbert served in champagne glasses for dessert as well. 

The hotel upgraded our suite, but we only stayed for one night. We both have kids so we had to get back to "life". MIL kept the boys for the weekend - so we were able to enjoy each other. We look forward to our honeymoom (Paris, France) in July during summer vacation.

Advice? - We've all heard it before, Don't sweat the small stuff, as long as you and FI are there, there rest is water under the bridge. Make sure you capture the day in picture (and video). That's the one regret. DH gave an awesome speech during the reception that was fabulous, and as each day passes, I'm having a hard time remembering the wonderful things he said. Oh well...

As soon as the professional pics come back, I will share.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank each of each of you for being on this board. It means a lot!

Good Luck & Best Wishes!
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