Another thank you question

For the BM I am giving them their gifts at the rehearsal dinner and I want to give them a card with their present. I have already asked them to be in my wedding with a cute peronalized card and I plan on framing a picture and giving them a thank you after the wedding. So what should I do with their present? ( I don't know if I should say thanks or if that would be weird since there isn't a lot to say thank you for, yet. Not trying to be rude but after I will have more to specifically be thankful for. If you know what I mean.)

I have seen cards that list top 5 reasons you are my friend, ect. I need some creative ideas girls! Please help! :)

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    I think I'll include a personal note for them on nice stationary that tells them why I'm glad they're my friends and what their friendship has meant to me.  

    If you did something like this, you could just try to answer some of these questions: How does having this person as a friend make me feel?  What's the one thing that I can always rely on this friend for?  What's the thing about this friend that always makes me laugh/smile?  What types of things do I hope to do with this friend in 5/10/20 years?
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    I'm not doing a card, I 'm just going to present their gifts to them and then send them a card after the wedding with a special thank you for what they did.
    Sorry I couldn't be more help!
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    I figured it out- I went with
    "Top 5 Qualities that make you the perfect bridesmaid for me…"

    It was fun and personalized:)
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    That's cute! Great idea :)
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