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what is wrong with ppl????

in february i will be engaged for a year and since my fh got on his knee so many people have soooo much to say....negative and if it is not that...people just seem jealous and bitter...including my oldest sister who got married october 2010...when it was her turn i was happy for her but when i mention what i find for cheap its just umm or oh..better yet when i mention anything about my wedding she just like twin sister is the only one who truly seems happy for us...smh so i have not talked to anybody about my wedding besides her...i dont even bother my bm about it...

Re: what is wrong with ppl????

  • thats just people i have the same problem with my friends and family. My best friend whose like a sister to me will call me a million times to have the same conversation weve been having for 4.5years about her broke cheating lazy "baby dady". If i get tired of hearing it i mention the wedding and within in 5minutes shes off the phone. Its crazy how folks can be there for u when ur miserable but cant stand to see u happy. 

    Dont let it get to u thats what ive started using the bored for. Ur sourrounded by other women who are going thru the same or been thru similar situations. Dont let nobody misery steal ur joy girl. 
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  • exactly.....the same here mention the wedding people get quiet and turn their heads......its like when i hated men and always called them dogs i had friends everywhere now...nobody bothers me or want to here or even see that you are happy
  • Girl, just ignore the negativity and direct your focus on the positive- the day you'll marry the man of your dreams!
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  • I know the feeling but as long as you keep God first have have you husband be your #1 best friend that is all you need. Sometimes it is hard for people to see past there own feelings and just be happy and supportive of other people. It times like these when you know who your true friends are. It is easy for  friends to remain close when they feel that you guys are in the same boat but sometimes it is hard for people to see you happy when deep down they are not happy.Just don't let them steal your joy.
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    thanks ladies
  • You are not alone...i feel the same way and get the same energy from folks.  It hurts sooo much because this is one of the happiest moments in my life and I feel like i cant share it with those who are close to me.  You will get thru, continue with your planning and ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT even if the haters are hating.  We are here for you. 
  • Everything the pp's just said. People are going to be negative, trust me, I know. They point out every flaw in your chosen spouse and it's enough to piss you off. However, you have to remember that you are an adult and have made your choice and are happy. If they're not on board, they can get off the bus.
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  • thanks ladies and i just stop talking about it and do wedding message boards .....
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