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Hello Everyone!!!

I am getting married in almost 2 weeks and I am having a hard time with finding songs for cuttting the cake and a song for our parents to walk into the wedding ceremony to. Can anyone give me some ideas??? Thanks alot.

Soon to be;

Mrs. Arthur

Re: Songs

  • maybe for your parents..
    Close to you by BeBe and CeCe Winans

    Cake cutting..I really wouldnt worry about a song. The cake cutting is gonna go so fast Half your guest won't even notice your cutting your cake and the other half is waiting with their plate and fork in hand to eat it ! Maybe slow the dancing down then just cut your cake while ppl are slow grooving then just pick the music back up if you know what I mean !
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  • Welcome to AAW Board!

    Wow you are really down to the wire, congrats!!!

    Here is a great resource I used for wedding songs. It has ideas on everything!
    Wedding date July 7, 2012
  • Hey! My wedding is in 2 weeks too! We chose spend my life by Eric Benet and Tamia for the cake cutting How about Happily Ever After by Case?That was an alternative for us
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