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So i know a lot people like the "surprise" bach parties... but my MOH, my bestes friend ever, just started her own business this year and is so flippin busy i told her i'd help her plan, lol besides the fact i hate surprises. :)  so i only wanted to do one thing,  stay @ Tulalip casino and reserve a booth in the Mpulse lounge, we've done it a few times in the last few years and was always  a blast.

so she ordered invites, reserved our room, and i called the lounge....well they just a few months ago started having a "Table minumum" of $$250 to reserve a table.  now i am assuming that it must be on one tab/credit card?  but say 20 girls are invited and 12-15 show... this $250 will be an easy thing to do if we all do cash?

i'm just nervous now as there was never a minimum.  i suppose either way we will be there, just thought it would be nice to have a reserved place for everyone to sit.

Thanks ladies! 

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Re: Bach Party

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    I'm doing the exact same thing for my Bachlorette party!  I didn't know about the minimum - I will have to have my friend look into that.  I would assume that they will want a card to guarantee payment but that cash should probably work.  IDK what their rules are about multiple cards.  Probably best to ask Tulalip .  You'd think they'd be accomodating - they want people to come back!
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    yea i totallly will check with them again :)  i want to make sure before i give a card that the charge is truly for drinks lol and not just a table fee or something :)
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    I would assume that they would want 1 card. So the best thing would be to create a pool of everyone's money and then put it in one bank account.
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    I think you'll hit $250 easy...I'd just collect (or ask MOH to collect) ~$25 per girl beforehand, depending on how many come (250 + 20% tip/12 = $25), and then put it on one card.
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