What the Heck?!

Two of my recent posts (on this board and another on TK) disappeared! The other one was SO long and I looked forward to people's responses! I hope they get these glitches fixed ASAP!
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Re: What the Heck?!

  • OMG, I posted my 20 Q's thread a 2nd time at 5:00pm and THAT'S gone too...  If you look at your past post history (the magnifying glass icon on the bottom of your post), the posts show up there... but not on the board.

    I'm so sorry that these tech glitches keep creeping up :(  

    That's part of why I've moved to the GBCN off-board....
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  • Is there any way we can move the wedding months over there too, mgoss? I've been lurking on Seattle Nesties over there (I think someone called you the Seattle Nexties?) and that board works way better. I was looking forward to checking the Seattle board this morning since it seems to start picking up....The TK gods needs to get their stuff together!!
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