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So I've never been to the wedding show in Seattle but I've got tickets this year and I'm so excited! Does anyone who's been there before have any suggestions?? I have part of the day Saturday and all day Sunday so I think I'll have time to see everything, and I'm wearing comfy shoes. Beyond that, I'm kind of overwhelmed! Or maybe I'm just excited and looking to share that excitement with you girls. Anyone else going on the 8th or 9th??

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Re: Wedding Show questions

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    Not going this year, but did go last year to a couple. They can be overwhelming. Everyone will want your contact info, so don't sign up for anything unless you really want it or you have junk e-mail to send it to.

    Definitely wear comfy shoes!
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    I will be there on the 9th!

    I went last year too. It is great but pretty overwhelming! Be prepared for a HUGE crowd to the point of walking about 3 steps per minute. And people will definitely be handing you tons of crap, even if you don't want it.

    Some advice I have heard....
    1. bring address labels so you can just peel and stick instead of writing it out for everyone.
    2. Start at the back and work your way to the front to avoid the crowd.
    3. I would suggest going in with a plan. Knowing who and what you are looking for and where you want to spend your time.
    4. Bring water as you will be sooo thirsty from the crowds and heat...or refreshment of your preference....and would probably be a good idea to eat a good breakfast. Their will be cake samples...but that's about it.
    5.  If you intend on trying on dresses, wear full-bottomed underwear....because you will be in one big room getting undressed with lots of other girls. where something that you wont be embarrassed to be seen by strangers in.
    6. FI says bring aspirin! haha....you may get a headache. it really can be overwhelming and the heat and noise and crowds can def be cause for a headache.
    7. Have fun!
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    wow. sorry for the typos. what's up with my misuse of their/they're/there and where/wear! haha. i think my fingers take on a mind of their own sometimes.
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    I'm going Saturday for sure, and maybe on Sunday too.  I also went last year.

    PPs have it pretty well covered, but here is the message I sent out to my 5 other friends who are also engaged (all engaged to FI's friends):

    I apologize for the long message, but thought I should share some of my Wedding Show experience. I think I will go both days, and early too (probably arrive around 10-11 am).

    Tickets are $15 (you can go both days), and it's best to buy online, because the ticket lane inside is always CRAZY long.

    It's best to go in the mornings/early in the day, arriving before noon really helps avoid the INSANE crowds that develop later on.

    Also if you have extra return address labels, it might be a good idea to bring some (like a dozen or so), because there are a lot of vendors who have raffles and stuff where they ask for your address. Don't give out your phone number if at all possible, or you'll be getting TONS of solicitation calls.

    And wear comfy shoes, since you'll be doing lots and lots of walking if you go. Also it might be a good idea to bring a water bottle or something, because it gets pretty hot inside once the crowds start building, and you will probably get pretty thirsty.

    And if you are trying on dresses at the sample sale area (near the entrance right after you enter the Seattle Wedding Show Suite) the Dressing Room area is "Open" so everyone tries on dresses in the same area. There's sheets, so not EVERYONE will see you in your skivvies, but the other brides and dress consultants WILL see you. So wear whatever underwear you're comfy having others see you in, and wear a strapless bra if possible (the straps can really take away from the "Bridal" experience of dress shopping, in my opinion). Dresses were not THAT discounted, or at least last year they weren't, but I was only looking at lace dresses.... so there could be a bargain there this year, depending on what you're looking for.

    Also, you will be eating TONS of cake samples, even if you try not to, vendors just hand them out like candy, and it's hard to refuse. You might get a tummy ache from all the sugar overload, another reason to bring a bottle of water with you.
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    LOL wow, guess I'll be getting up early to go!  Thanks for all the advice ladies!
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    i'm going too! thanks for all the tips :)
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    I went!  Wish I had read this before!
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