After ceremony pics/buffet time?

We're taking a majority of our formal shots before the ceremony but I want to take some at the reception site before we go into the reception since it's right by Lake WA and that's why I picked the location. Should we have snacks and cocktail hour and then start the buffet once we get there? Or should we just let them eat while we're taking photos? I'm trying to figure out when we'll get a chance to greet and talk to our guests.



Re: After ceremony pics/buffet time?

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    Our guests waited for us to arrive before digging in to the buffet...which was not my intention at all. Our car was late picking us up from the ceremony site. Were you planning on doing a cocktail hour? If you were, then I would just have that while you take pictures. If you weren't and you don't have the budget to add it, then I would have them eat. If you eat when they do, you get more of a chance to actually get some food in your belly.
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    I agree with PP, cocktail hour while you're having your pics and then your buffet after you've arrived. 
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    i would definitely do the cocktail hour... that would give you time to take some pictures, let everyone mingle, and hopefully allow you to mingle some too. plus, if you let them go straight in to dinner, you would miss your own dinner.
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    I think a lot depends on how many photos you want to take. Our photog amazingly told us that it would take only 45 minutes to do all the portraits we need.

    Also what time does your reception start? If it's only 6pm at the start of the reception people might think they're not supposed to eat yet ^_^.

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    We're having hor d'ourves passed while we're taking our pics and then once we join them, I want to be able to say hi to everyone before dinner begins. So I say go with your first choice. Have snacks and a cocktail hour then they eat with you!
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