Rant & Rave Friday :)

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Re: Rant & Rave Friday :)

  • RANT:  This new job I got is a total crock, I have only been here 2 months and I hate it.  They cant seem to figure out how to pay me, they said there would be benefits - of which there are none - and they are so unorganized and refuse to communicate I am constantly pulling my hair out - makes coming to work everyday nearly unbearable.

    RAVE: I am getting married in 29 days!! AH! Everything is coming together and I just cannot wait to actually DO IT! Also, I get to celebrate my nephews first birthday this weekend and my Bridal Shower is Sunday! Wahoo!!
  • RANT:  Really tough week at work this week.  I feel I keep getting further and further behind.  The wedding keeps distracting me too which doesn't help.

    RAVE:  FI just planned a weekend away in Astoria next weekend.  We need a weekend of non-work, non-wedding stuff.

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  • Rant: I am getting tired of this super excited and then super nauseous feeling. I am SO happy to be marrying my fiance, but I am also SO ready to just BE married!!

    Rave: My bridal shower is on Sunday, and I am beyond excited. I am trying to keep myself busy so that I don't stalk my registry...
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