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Alright ladies, I know the biggest answer is that it depends on how money looks BUT:

-If we decided to do a $35 courthouse ceremony, would we still need a cocktail hour at the reception venue?

We have a plugger that allows us to redeem ONE of the following (with the exception ofthe cold hors d'oeuvres)

-Chair covers (we would pay $490, and we have to get through the venue so yep $490)
-Hot, tasty, unlimited BUTLERED hors d'oeuvres (we pay $595)  OR pay ($300 for two trays of cold ones that last until gone, limited)

Option 1: Use plugger for FREE hot HDs and pay $490 for chair covers

Option 2: Use plugger for FREE chair covers and buy the $300 cold, ltd HDs

Option 3: Use plugger for FREE HDs and 86 the chair covers (altho I feel like our peacock color scheme will be ltd as they only use white table covers, and I dont think my centerpieces would make up for the loss)

Option4: 86 cocktail hour and keep my free chair covers and sashes

Option 5: 86 the chair covers as I keep seeing brides "in recap and withdrawal" and other boards talk about how they dont even remember the chair covers)

I have time but im trying to gather our total balance over the next 13 months...

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    I'm kind of leaning towards option 3, but it depends on what their uncovered chairs look like.  Do you know what kind of chairs they have?  If they're nice chairs, you may be able to add color to your table with napkins and/or napkin rings or charger plates to compliment your peacock centerpieces and 86 the covers altogether. 

    I'm one of those that literally obsessed over just the right chair covers (I didn't like the plain cotton or satin ones most places had) and then didn't even notice them.  Then too, the uncovered banquet chairs my venue had were horrid, so covers were a must. 

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    Before i make a choice I have a few questions. are you going to take pictures after the ceremony? How much time is between the ceremony and reception? How many guests at ceremony vs reception?
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    I want to see the chairs too. But I must say food is more important than chair covers,
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