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--- Tam Tam ---

Hey girl!  Just had to shout you out b/c I'm in your city today for work.  :)  Just came to Charlotte for a meeting, so it's a day trip.  I'm back at the airport now, waiting for this 5:50pm flight.  If I would have had more time here, I would have definitely tried to get together!

I will be back again for work - probably in September - hopefully we can get together then! 

By the way, this is really random but I saw the sketchiest looking club called Club Nikki right near the reminded me of some of the hole in the wall clubs in Atlanta!  LOL
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Re: --- Tam Tam ---

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    tamtam7tamtam7 member
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    Oh man!  What a teaser!  I would definately love to get together the next time you come to town for work.  Oh!  And I did receieve your e-mail.  I am responding to your e-mail in segments.  I have a lot to say and I've been so busy at work and after work trying to get everything situated with this name changing drama, that I haven't had a chance to complete the e-mail, but as soon as I finish I will send you a page to look out for it. 

    Yeah, I know all about those hole in the wall clubs.  When I was in college there was a lil' shack club called Diamonds and Pearls right across the street from the university.  It looked like Harpo's from THe Color Purple.
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    cincy2011cincy2011 member
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    Glad you got the email, I was about to call Yahoo and go off if you still hadn't received it!  LOL

    Yes, I will let you know once I'm headed back your way.  I talked to the VP I work with from that area, and we're thinking I'll probably go back sometime in September or October at the latest. 
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