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I would like to punch you...

The hall emails us from their accounting department to let me know we are 2 payments behind on our contract.

WTF?!!! I gave them a credit card to keep on file to be charged on the contracted dates. Lo and behold I check our statements and they missed our February payment and still haven't charged us for June. 

We were contracted to be paid off in August but this threw us off. I politely told her she would get her June payment now and her missed February payment at the end of October since I made the necessary arrangements to pay on time and THEY messed up.

URRRRRGGGGG I want to scream!

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Re: I would like to punch you...

  • LOL at I want to punch you..

    Oh nooooo... Well i don't want you punching her.. but that's not your fault. that was on them.. and shoot, that's such an inconvenience in my eyes because you already worked it out, they might as well give you that month on the house. SMDH.. Relax sistah, it will be ok..

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  • OOOOoooooo GIRL!!!!

    Id have flipped !!  its too close for that nonsense....u shoulda came to me about February in April HEFFA !
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  • Can I just sat that I already knew this was going to be a good post just from the headline? I love it. I'd say you handled that situation reeeeeeally well. Did they even apologize to you for THEIR mistake?
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