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How much of a contribution gets the parents name on the invite? My parents have contributed maybe 15% (paid for my dress) and FI parents said they wanted to help toward honeymoon which I already went and booked and paid for because we haven't seen a dime yet. So should our invite just read "together with their families" or include the names of the parents?

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  • we're in the same boat as you, and that's what we did (together with their parents).
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  • I think it's a personal decision. I have read that the invitation wording is based on who is paying for most of the wedding. Although fiance and I are probably paying for about 85% of the cost, I decided that our parent's names would be on the invitation. Maybe I am just stuck on tradition but I also felt that even though our parents don't have the means to finance the type  of wedding "WE" want, they have been there for us thus far in life. Supported us financially and emotionally through earlier years in our lives...brought us this far. So in a sense, it was my way of honoring them and saying thank you. 
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    I personally think that if they are paying the majority (51%), their name should go on the invite. Anything less, I would say "Together with their parents". It appears only fair, as their names suggests they are the hosts. Just my two cents. 

    Our parents are paying 10-13%, so we are doing "together with their parents".

    (Edited) : I would agree with the PP that it is also a personal choice and respect the honoring piece as well. 
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  • I believe it is a personal decision. FI and I are paying for majority of this wedding. My parents contributed as well.

    My FIL didn't contribute anything but we still put both sets of names on the invites. I personally don't like the wording "Together with their families", so that is why we did it that way
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  • Ok follow up question....I'm so torn. I feel selfish saying I don't want to give them credit like they are hosting but truly they are not. But as a respect thing a small piece of me wants to include their names. Also for the older people who will read the invite and me like "who is this?" FI goes by his middle name so he thinks no one will know who he is. Ok does this phrase provide a medium?

    Amy Meredith
    daughter of George and Patricia Meredith
    Victor Jonathan Mallet
    son of Bill and Anne Mallet
    request the honour of your presence as they are united in the Sacrament of Holy.........

    To me it still reads Amy and Victor are requesting your presence.  Thoughts?

  • We actually included both our middle names on the invite.

     What you have written seems fine with me but do whatever YOU feel comfortable with. There's no right or wrong way in these things. 
  • Oh yeah the above is just a sample. That's not our real names. LOL I plan to include both of our middle names. I just wonder will everyone put it together as far as FI's name goes.
  • I agree with the other ladies that it is a personal choice. Neither my parents nor my inlaws are paying for the wedding we are paying 100% but we put their info on there just cause they are our parents. So it really depends on the person.

    The way I see it, over the course of raising us they spent some money so why not lol


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    [QUOTE]we're in the same boat as you, and that's what we did (together with their parents).
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  • your wording sounds fine and it is still respectfull to the parents....we only have our moms so our invitations read..

    Jane Doe
    Mary Doe
    invite you to share in the joy of  the marriage uniting their children name
    FI name.
    .I definitely wanted our moms to truly know how special and appreciated they are..monetary contributions played zero part..we love them!!!
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