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Not Gon Cry

   Well everybody, i had my hopes up to high, me and my bf broke up. He cheated on me a while back, well as hurt as i was i forgave him but i ended up cheating back on him because i was so hurt, the biggest mistake of my life. He told me he was hurt because i did it back to him, at that time it didn't phase me because he lied and cheat. Now he says he is in love with his ex-girlfriend , i was so hurt and devastated because we were just working things out. He then told me he wanted to work things out between us right, i said okay because i love him so much, well now he broke up with me and move in with his ex Which the only reason he is doing it because she broke the windows in his car and slashed his tires and then told him i did it and he believed her. I am so hurt that he would do me like this that's why i am through with his confusing ways and i am moving on with my life, i have no time for the games, my heart has feelings and my heart can not take anymore pain and im done crying..but i will still come online and talk to you ladies because you all are an inspiration to me and i love you all for that.  thanks ladies for the best advice.

Re: Not Gon Cry

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    Let him go!!!!! Slashing tires and crap is not a safe thing in a relationship. If she slashed his tires and lied, then you can only wonder what she could do to you. If he believes her, SHAME ON HIM!! You deserve better!!! Sorry you have this bull going on but don't let it get you down.

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  • ladylumladylum member
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    Sorry to hear about the breakup but it sounds like it was a good thing. Now you can heal and be ready for a GOOD man to find you.
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    Stay strong! You will find someone who you deserve!
  • winter443winter443 member
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    I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through this.  I'm sure that this will turn out as a blessing in the end, it's not healthly to be in a relationship where both of you are hurting each other.  I wish the best for you, you have plenty of time for a better man to come into your life.  Keep your head up!
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    I know that you are hurting but maybe it is best that you 2 split up. We may love someone with all that we have but sometimes that just isn't enough. You shouldn't have to go through so much to be with someone that you love and who you are meant to be with. God will place you with the right person one day. Let your heart and spirit heal and you will be ok. Goodluck with everything

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  • jlstewartjlstewart member
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    I agree with the ladies. You definitely deserve better so allow your heart to heal so you can be ready when the right man comes along. If he had so little faith in you then he wasn't the man the God intends for you.
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    I'm so sorry this is happening, but it doesn't sound like he was the man for you.  Let that drama lying girl have hime and move on.  I know it hurts now, but you're better off.  Be strong. 
  • desi2002desi2002 member
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    if its drama in the dating, marriage aint gon change that. thank God u got outta that b4 it was 2 late. sounds like they deserve each other... all that drama.  dont settle 4 less! btw we love u 2!
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    thank you ladies so much you all really inspired me, I will not let this bring me down, i know deep inside i'm a good woman and he is losing a diamond for a rhinestone :) love you ladies!
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