Where did you get it?
How much did it cost?
Where are the good deals at?

Re: Veils

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    Where did you get it? Benitas Bridal in Silverdale
    How much did it cost? $150
    Where are the good deals at? Try etsy, ebay there are others just can't remember at this moment.
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    I ordered a custom veil online from Barbara at veilartistry.com 
    It cost around $300.
    I highly recommend Barbara if its in your budget (I got a lot of beading on mine so it contributed to a higher price, depends on the style and design of the veil you like) but Ive heard good things about Etsy too.
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    Where did you get it? On the fence about one, but if I get one, it will be at Alfred Angelo in Tukwila
    How much did it cost? One cost around $160, ouch! And the other was around $60 I believe. That was only two I checked out. I go back in two weeks and I'll do some research for ya!
    Where are the good deals at? I second Etsy.com. And maybe even Craigslist?? Don't know if you would want something that would have been in someone elses hair, but if it hasn't been used....
    Good luck!
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    Had it made by my seamstress.
    Maybe $20-30? - /> Mainly it depends what you want (lace, beads etc).  Mine was simple and just really long.
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    Congrats on your dress Trisha!

    I just got my veil yesterday at Amanda's in Kirkland, where i got my dress.  She said it was going to be around 200.00 because i am getting a custom length (I got a mantilla veil).  But, I was looking at Etsy and saw some great ones.  There was one seller - Salchar - who had great veils that were reasonably priced, and she was super responsive when she answered my questions.  good luck and let us know what veil you pick!
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    Where did you get it? Ebay seller enchantment4all (EBAY not etsy)

    How much did it cost? $25

    Where are the good deals at? Check them out. Their veils look fantastic in person and the price is really great. Also etsy has some good deals. Also try Occansey -http://www.occanseydesigns.com/ - they have some great prices.


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    I got mine from Occansey.

    It was right around $40 with shipping.

    I would definitely check out Occansey, Etsy and Ebay for deals. The veil I got is identical to ones I tried on at dress shops, but was half the price.
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    I got mine at the same shop I bought my dress - All that Shimmers in Lakewood

    It was $60

    As for deals, I really don't know. I just knew that the one I was looking at was a good price, so I bought it. I didn't really do any shopping around
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    I bought mine from Occansey as well.  $80 including shipping.  Mine is based on a veil that was being sold at a bridal salon for over twice that amount.  Totally happy with the customer service I got from the company -  I recommend looking there.  I tried a seller on Etsy originally, but that didn't work out too well for me.  I think if you're looking for a birdcage type veil, Etsy would be a good option.
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    Bridal Garden in Kirkland, $90.  They have a person who makes them onsite so she is really reasonably priced especially when it comes to bigger or more elaborate veils.  Mine is a fingertip shimmer veil.  I highly recommend them.
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    Yay! Congrats on your dress!

    I have no veil wisdom to impart because I'm not wearing a veil, but good luck in your search!
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    When I was at the dress shop the veils seemed really expensive... I would reccommend some of these websites... I just checked out Occansey and it looks good so far!
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    I bought mine with my dress at I Do Bridal.  It was $69.  Simple one about to my waist with a small ribbon edge.  Very simple and not poofy.  I couldn't tell what they would feel like online and mine is really soft and seemed reasonably priced.  
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    My sister in-law was married 2 years ago in December and had a pretty veil she got on-line, I believe it was from wedding-veil.com.  I just asked her about the other day for me!
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