help with branches

I want to do something like this

mine will be smaller. The wood cave is 4" diameters and 10' tall. I plan on having white branches and hanging blue white and red poms. and............maybe some crystals. Anyhow do you girls think  I have to use manzanita branches if so how many? Or can I use branches from my back yard? If you have seen centerpieces along this style with regular branches ( I have no clue what kind regular is LOL) can you please PIP. I havent seen one and its making me come to the conclusion that I have to use manzantia.

Sorry also do you know a cheap reliable place or even better a local store to buy branches? Thanks :)

Re: help with branches

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    I really don' tthink you *have to use* manzanita! It gives a clean look because of the bark-less nature. However, since your's is a rustic wedding, I think you could use back yard branches just fine :)
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