BM gifts?

I'm stuck on BM gifts and I have 4 days to figure it out, so please HELP!

Only my MOH has her shoes (the flowery flip flops from Davids), so I was thinking about doing little gift baskets or something with a matching pair of shoes for all the girls, eye shades with their initials embroidered, a couple of airplane bottles (except for the prego one), and the jewelry for the wedding (we haven't even picked that out yet). Would you girls like to get something like this if you were a BM? Anything else you can think of that is fairly easy on the wallet that I could throw in last minute?

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Re: BM gifts?

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    PS - FOUR. DAYS. yiiiiikes!!!

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    that's a cute idea!
    - Starbucks gift cards
    - Silly/Trashy magazine for them to each read while you're  all getting hair/makeup done
    - Go to Old Navy and get their yummy smelly facial wipes in near the counter. Also, they have super cute reuseable totes that are a perfect size for "gift baskets" that they could use again as a gym bag, grocery bag, etc.
    - Victoria's Secret lotion bottles or perfumes (since they are always on sale!)
    - Idk what airplane bottle is, I'm getting that booze? A bottle of a favorite wine is always smart, even if she is preggo she could be included on that
    - Ross has multiple varieties of those aluminum water bottles, all suuuper cute for 2.99
    - Even consider ross or tjmaxx for little clutches since they are all cheaply priced name brands.

    Hope that gives you a coupel ideas! :]
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    FTL has good ideas
    Yikes! Go to costco and look at the gift cards and certificates to see if there is anything they would like- and get good deals.
    Dvds- they might like

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