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I'm having a great weekend and I need to share this with somebody, hope you don't mind!

1. The field trip to MSAD on Friday was a success, other than one puking student and a parent hitting a deer, smashing their car (couldn't pick up their son). Got home at 2 AM!

2. Yesteray I discovered I passed the portfolios I did in order to get my teaching license in American Sign Language. It was so hard doing the portfolios- I almost gave up a few times. I spent the entire summer doing this and sent them in October. Now I officially can say I'm done with school! Considering going back for special education, but not for a while!

3. FI got a car today, bought it from a friend. He drives 45 miles one way to work daily and he has a truck. Now he has a honda civic which will save him a lot of gas!

4. FI switched over to my insurance for his truck/car and he is paying the same amount for 2 vehicles that he was when he was under a different insurance for his truck.

Great weekend! My parents are coming to visit us and help us paint some of the rooms on Wednesday and staying for the weekend.
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